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Who is Corridor Duct Cleaning and where did we come from?

The reason we started this company is because you can get your vent cleaned by almost any company, but we will take the time to inspect the venting, inspect the dryer, clean both and leave the area cleaner than we found it. The owner, Bryan, has worked in the appliance industry for 6 years installing appliances, minor maintenance as well as dryer and dryer vent cleaning. Once he learned how to take apart any kind of dryer and vacuum it out, he was sold. His biggest passion in life, besides his family, is helping people do things that they can not or do not want to do themselves. 

About the owner- Bryan Sloan

I am from Iowa and have lived most of my adult life here. I am the proud father of 2, with 1 more on the way. I enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2006, I served on a deployment to Iraq from 2007-2008. I then spent a year in Wisconsin training soldiers, in 2009. I bounced back and forth through varying college degree programs, still ending up undecided. In 2013, I began working for my father-in-law as an appliance delivery man. I instantly loved it! After a year, I was ready to try appliance maintenance and dryer vent cleaning. I immediately fell in love with the idea of cleaning dryers and stopping house fires. Vent cleaning then became my passion. My primary mission with this company is to raise awareness of dryer fires and prevent them the best way I know how.

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