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Complete Dryer & Dryer Vent Cleaning

At Corridor Duct Cleaning we believe dryers should last forever. The best way to do this is to thoroughly clean the dryer and dryer vent. We will disassemble your dryer vacuum out your lint trap, blower wheel and the heating element. We will then brush and vacuum out your dryer vent using our industrial strength vacuum and brushing system.

Let us give your laundry system the complete lint removal service. Reduce the risk of dryer fires, reducing your drying times, making your dryer more energy efficient while extending the life of your dryer. When doing the full service you will receive the best lint removal in town… No matter the town you live in!

2 hr service only


Dryer Only Cleaning

At Corridor Duct Cleaning, we believe that if you are not cleaning your dryer, you are doing yourself a disservice. Problems that occur in the dryer due to not having it cleaned will be; a shorter dryer life, blower wheel malfuntions and possibly breaks, worst of all, if the lint is not removed from the inside of the dryer, it will rest on the heating element, which as we all know will cause a fire. If you are getting your vent cleaned and not the dryer you are not eliminating the risk of a dryer fire. It is just postponing it. Our Service Professional will disassemble your dryer, thoroughly vacuum the lint trap around the heating element and the blower wheel. Doing this greatly increases dryer life and reduces the risk of a lint related fire!

1 hr service only


Dryer Vent Only Cleaning

Corridor Duct Cleaning takes dryer venting clogs very serious. If your laundry room smells musty, clothes take 2 or 3 cycles to dryer, you hear birds in the vent or it smells like a dead animal, chances are you need this service. We will visually inspect your dryer venting connect our industrial vacuum directly to the vent and clean your venting with our brushing system, up to 45 feet! While we are there have us clean your dryer at a discount, to eliminate the dryer fire threat all together

1 hr service only


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